­­­Because no two bodies are the same, I customize eating and exercise plans based on biometrics that give me information about what your body needs. I listen to you and take into account your current medical status, your lifestyle, your goals, your food preferences, and your activity levels. I meet you where you are and then work with you on a weekly basis to help you to achieve your health goals.

It happens everyday. An appointment with the doctor starts with the weigh in….ouch. Then blood pressure…..too high. Then blood tests….cholesterol level is higher than last year, blood sugar is elevated, and that sodium level….whoa! You know what comes next: “You need to change your diet, lose weight and exercise. Here are your prescriptions. See you next year.” Thanks doc!

There is an abundance of information on the Internet. And diets….

Where do you start? What is right for you?

My purpose:

  • To develop individualized life-style changes that promote complete health.
  • To promote personal growth
  • To elicit autonomous motivation
  • To facilitate the capacity to change
  • To build confidence in self-mastery
  • To cultivate self awareness
  • To arouse, spark, provoke, and inspire thriving

 I believe every client:

  • Is whole and capable
  • Has strengths
  • Is authentic
  • Wants to be successful

Let me help you get out of this dieting cycle

and move you to a healthy lifestyle where you can THRIVE!

Before and After:

“I would like to thank Michelle for her diligent coaching and her rare ability to take her knowledge of diet and fitness and to personalize it and help it become meaningful to me.”


Before and After:

“The way Michelle approaches things is so non- threatening and she doesn’t make you feel guilty, she just teaches and encourages you to do better…She truly has changed our lives for the better and I will be eternally grateful to her!” (more…)